Consuming Heritage

The event, Consuming Heritage, is a one-day PhD workshop event, aimed at giving a platform for PhD students belonging to the WROCAH cohort (from 2014 -2016 starters) to showcase aspects of their research, with a specific focus on heritage and culture. The day also includes several keynotes from key academics working in the field of heritage studies, including Professor Paul Cooke and Alan O’Leary at the university of Leeds, and a special keynote from Professor Andrew Higson of the university of York. Their keynote have been carefully selected to demonstrate previous and current research in the related field of study, as well as looking forward toward the future of the discipline, in light of contemporary circumstances (i.e. the impact of Brexit).

We hope that the outcomes for students will be confidence building, developing ideas through discussion, debate, Q&A.


£ 471

Lead Student

Michael Samuel, Leeds

Other student organisers

WRoCAH White Rose Network: European Cinema, European Identity, European Culture Daniel Clarke, University of Sheffield Martina Lovascio, University of York

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