Centre for Medieval Studies Graduate Conference

The conference is now in its second year. Our aims for this year’s conference are three-fold. First, we aim to support the establishment of an annual interdisciplinary medievalist postgraduate conference, based at the Centre for Medieval Studies in York. It is our goal to ensure that this becomes an intellectually productive annual event.

The second aim is to help connect the next generation of scholars to one another. It is for this reason that we have sought to interlink the medievalist research communities at Leeds particularly. The conference has been specifically designed to facilitate network, about which I will say more below.

Finally, we aim to provide training for postgraduate researchers in the field of creating and presenting conference papers. Building on the experience of last year, we are including a three-hour speakers’ workshop in which to discuss many of the aspects of giving a conference paper. This is also why the conference is placed at the start of the summer season; we hope that the experience and feedback our speakers are given will feed into upcoming papers as well.


£ 568

Lead Student

Tom Powles

Other student organisers

Carla Jardim, University of York; Harriet Evans, University of York; Catherine-Rose Hailstone, University of York; Jack Litchfield, University of Leeds; Tim Wingard, University of York; Ross McIntire, University of York Emily Reed, University of Sheffield

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