Bringing Conflict Home

This conference will bring together scholars from a wide range of disciplines to examine how conflict permeates the domestic sphere. Whereas the term ‘home’ is commonly associated with familiarity and safety, ‘conflict’ evokes the opposite sense. War often enters the home as quotidian lived experience; critics such as Mary A. Favret address the concept of ‘wartime’ as a distinct and culturally-constructed temporality. Conflict enforces migration; it creates Diasporas and exiles, in turn reorienting our imaginative perception of home.

Our keynote speakers will be Dr Catriona Kennedy (Director, Centre for Eighteenth Century Studies, University of York) and Lieutenant General Robin Brims. Dr Kennedy’s research focuses on the visual and material culture of the British military encounter with Egypt from 1798 to 1920. Lt Gen Brims is former head of UK land forces and a trustee of the Oswin Project for homeless veterans.

Research and Impact Objectives

1. To bring together research across – and beyond – the WRoCAH network under the two critical rubrics of conflict and domesticity which often refer to each other, but are rarely brought into dialogue.
2. ‘Bringing Conflict Home’ aims to bridge past and present by inviting paper proposals with a historical perspective as well as a contemporary one and to stress the current importance of this area of research.
3. We want to create a network of academic scholars working in a range of different disciplines and facilitate a forum for constructive discussion. We hope to engage especially PGRs, within the WRoCAH-community and beyond, and to provide them with an opportunity to explore the ways in which their research intersects with that of other scholars.


£ 1000

Lead Student

Harriet Beadnell, York

Other student organisers

Stephanie Wright, University of Sheffield (WRoCAH) Lotta Schneidemesser, University of York

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