Borders, boundaries and beyond in the long eighteenth century

This one-day interdisciplinary conference is aimed at postgraduate and early career researchers working on any aspect of this period. It arises from the Sheffield University Eighteenth Century Reading Group; there is a taste and need for events which offer more time to explore this complex and fascinating era, and there is currently a lively, active group of researchers in the White Rose universities. The conference’s theme, “Borders, boundaries and beyond in the long eighteenth century” aims to offer a stimulating and inclusive forum for researchers to present work and meet others in this increasingly important field. The event will foster and nurture interdisciplinarity by welcoming papers from diverse academic areas, prompting discussion and allowing individuals to reflect on their own research.

The thematic approach will encourage a range of scholars to participate and this will be a fruitful way of furthering our knowledge and understanding of the period. It will provide a networking and connecting opportunity in Sheffield, where there has been relatively scant recent provision for eighteenth century researchers. We expect the conference to act as a springboard for new collaborations, but as importantly to be a place for those at the beginning of their academic careers to meet and exchange thoughts and play with ideas and discoveries. Available to all White Rose scholars, the event is also open to those from further afield, promoting Yorkshire eighteenth century scholarship. The impact of this conference will be, we hope, two-fold: on the day, participants will connect and share ideas; in the months after the event, researchers will be able to draw on work shared, deepening and advancing their own work and academic practice. We also plan to produce a conference publication, if presentations are of a high enough standard. This would provide a printed and online space for new scholars, as well as editorial experience for those involved in the production.


£ 1700

Lead Student

Alison Horgan, Leeds

Other student organisers

Samuel Longhurst, University of Sheffield Hannah Jeans, University of York

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