Across the Live / Mediatised Divide

Audience research is a growing area in many diverse areas of study, including film and television, theatre, music and gaming. Given its situation as an emerging field of academic study, the methodological requirements of audience research  are in a constant state of development, with new innovations constantly being devised. This form of research is notoriously demanding, presenting both ethical and practical issues that need to be considered before any research can begin to take place.
Given both the fast-moving and demanding nature of this research, it is more than usually suited to input and support from other researchers, who can share their own experiences and practices. However, whilst collaboration within subject areas is more common, there is little opportunity for researchers working with audiences in different art forms to come together and share their practice and experiences.

This event will invite people working in the area of audience research from diverse fields, encouraging the sharing of methodologies and experiences. This interdisciplinary focus will allow speakers from different fields on the same panel to explore both the similarities and differences in the nature of audience research in different subject areas. Keynotes who are interested in developing a greater understanding of how varied subject areas can work together to explore audience experience across all art forms have agreed to present.
Whilst the event is primarily aimed at encouraging networking between PGRs and ECRs, with the aim of developing greater collaboration within the next generation of audience researchers, researchers from all stages of their academic careers will be invited to submit papers, in order to raise the prestige of the event and also allow all delegates to benefit from the broadest range of experience.


£ 2089

Lead Student

Shelley Galpin, Department of Theatre, Film and Television, University of York

Other student organisers

Emma McDowell, University of Leeds