4th Annual White Rose South Asia Conference: Space, Place and Temporalities

Now in its 4th year, this annual White Rose South Asia conference has built a substantial following amongst PGR students focused on the study of the subcontinent. Interest has spread across discipline and region (beyond solely the UK) and produced demand for the continuation of an event which offers rewarding potential for forging collaborations
and presenting research. This event would for the first time include genuine participation at all stages of organization from all three White Rose Universities. For the first time the organizational team has representatives from each institution.

Beyond the British Association for South Asian Studies (BASAS) Conference there is little else in the way of large-scale collaboration for South Asianists in the UK. Most of the events – such as workshops and talks – are limited to a single university and largely take place in and around London. The White Rose event offers a key supplementary event to allow for increased networking and research sharing, and this is increasingly important for PhD students considering its PGR focus (as opposed to BASAS, which has a mix of scholars from all levels).

Last year’s event saw a high number of abstracts submitted (between 50-60) for consideration, and the large number of applications meant that – unfortunately – a number of good candidates had to be rejected. A key aim of this year’s event is to channel such interest more constructively. Hence, we will be running a poster competition, have interactive presentations and have a workshop focused on BAME careers in academia, so that not all attendees feel their only chance for involvement is through a formal presentation. Together, this should ensure that wide ranging interest is translated into high attendance figures. Through this, the conference aims to further encourage collaboration and networking within and beyond the White Rose community, ensuring that South Asianists of all disciplines have a chance to further pioneer research.

Other student organisers

  • Arunima Theraja (University of York)
  • Meena Menon (University of Leeds)
  • Radha Kapuria (University of Sheffield)
  • Thomas Shillam (University of York)
  • Zaynab Seedat (University of York)

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