3rd Annual White Rose South Asia Conference: ‘Exclusion, Dialogue, Exchange’

This event seeks to build on the already burgeoning White Rose South Asia series of conferences by offering its 3rd instalment, after events at Leeds in 2017 and Sheffield in 2018. Despite the success of the conference last year, one primary objective for any future conference was to expand the interest to all White Rose universities, since the University of York had no representation at the 2018 event. Hence this year the event will take place at York, with an academic sponsor from the University, and three PGRs coming into the organizational team. Despite there being no
organizational members present from the University of Sheffield, their presence at the conference will still be felt, with Dr Siobhan Lambert-Hurley (last year’s sponsor) confirming the attendance of members from Sheffield. Hence the full participation of all Universities will be assured, satisfying a key objective from last year. A further objective is to offer an event for continued collaboration between PGRs, academics and masters students interested in the study of South Asia. The themes this year will focus on Exclusion, Dialogue and Exchange, exploring how the subcontinent has addressed and hindered such concerns, giving attendees a clear conceptual focus for the conference. Last year’s event welcomed around 25-30 attendees, and we hope to extend this year to around 40 participations to continue to upward trajectory of collaboration and networks between individuals with similar academic interests. We have confirmed our keynote speaker, Professor Sarah Ansari from Royal Holloway, who will hopefully help to increase the interest in the conference as a noted scholar in the study of South Asia. In addition, we aim to foster links within and beyond academia by inviting institutions to the event to showcase their own material and projects. Finally, a workshop will be included in the conference to give PGRs a place to consider life after academia, offering practical insight into post-PhD life.


£ 1,659

Lead Student

Ben Holt (Leeds)

Other student organisers

  • Purba Hossain, University of Leeds
  • Thomas Shillam, University of York
  • Arnab Chakraborty, University of York
  • Andrew Lunt, University of Leeds
  • Zahid Ullah, University of York

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