• British Audio-Visual Research Network – Virtual Colloquia

    A series of events to foster a virtual community of scholars from all disciplines engaged with the study of music and sound in audio-visual media.

  • Sound Instruments, Sonic Cultures: An Interdisciplinary Conference

      Modernity has witnessed an accelerating proliferation of sound instruments—devices that allow humans to purposefully produce, capture, observe, manipulate, broadcast or otherwise interact with sound. Sound instruments include all musical instruments, acoustic and electronic, as well as scientific, medical, and military instruments that operate sonically, from the tuning forks and resonators, to Geiger-Muller counters and…

  • Conference – Out of the Blue

    The purpose of this conference, entitled ‘Out of the Blue’, is to address the question: what is the role of literature in an era where the manifestations of human-induced climate crisis are a common occurrence?

  • Event Out of Touch? The Theremin in the Twenty-First Century

    This free, interdisciplinary symposium will celebrate 100 years since the theremin, the world’s first electronic musical instrument and the first instrument to be played without touching, was first made commercially available. The symposium is part of the International Concert Series at the University of Leeds and the Leeds Digital Festival 2020. Named after its inventor,…

  • Northern Imagination Forum 2

    Imagination is a topic which pertains to many areas in philosophy, such as philosophy of fiction, philosophy of science, epistemology and cognitive science. Questions include (but are not limited to): how can we learn through fiction and scientific thought experiments; what is the relationship between memory and imagination; how can we solve puzzles in philosophy…