• Philosophers @ Red Haus, Salon Series

    Far too often public philosophy projects focus on letting the world know what the dead white men that populate undergraduate first year courses in philosophy thought (and occasionally, the ways in which people have quibbled over whether that really is what they thought). But philosophy has so much more to offer to the public, and the public has so much to offer to philosophy.

  • Time and the Mind

    ‘Time and the Mind’ is an interdisciplinary conference bringing together researchers in philosophy and psychology to explore how their different perspectives can yield new insights into our experience of time.

  • Decriminalisation and Sex Work

    Decriminalisation and Sex Work is an interdisciplinary conference exploring legal approaches to sex work, examining the impact these approaches have on workers.

  • New Directions in Nineteenth-Century Periodical Studies

    New Directions in Nineteenth-Century Periodical Studies is a conference to promote discussion of novel research amongst those working in the field, at all levels. The recent passing of one of the founders of periodical studies, Michael Wolff, makes this an opportune moment to take stock of the field, look forward to future changes, and foster…

  • Across the Live / Mediatised Divide

    Audience research is a growing area in many diverse areas of study, including film and television, theatre, music and gaming. Given its situation as an emerging field of academic study, the methodological requirements of audience research  are in a constant state of development, with new innovations constantly being devised. This form of research is notoriously…