• British Society for the History of Science Postgraduate Conference 2020

    This conference aims to make new connections between PGRs working on the history of science, for example between research taking place within the History and Philosophy of Science at Leeds and Medical Humanities Sheffield. The event aims to bring together scholars across the White Rose who have intersecting interests within these fields, and hope that further collaborations, for example student led forums, will materialise as a result of the conference.

  • Northern Imagination Forum

    Imagination is a topic which pertains to many areas in philosophy, such as philosophy of fiction, philosophy of science, epistemology and cognitive science. Questions include (but are not limited to): how can we learn through fiction and scientific thought experiments; what is the relationship between memory and imagination; how can we solve puzzles in philosophy of fiction; is empathy underwritten by imagination?

  • World Weary: Cultures of Exhaustion

    This conference examines the relevance of exhaustion for interdisciplinary research in the environmental humanities. We are interested in academic and non-academic responses to the interrelated meanings of exhaustion, and its durative effects on livelihoods and ecosystems. See our website at: https://worldweary2020.co.uk/

  • Dreams and Atrocity symposium

    The Dreams and Atrocity symposium is a two-day interdisciplinary event that aims to explore diverse representations and theorisations of dreams through the lens of specific moments of historical atrocity

  • Plates: Philosophically Intriguing Foods

    Food is an easy avenue to get non-philosophers to think about philosophy and community dining is an excellent avenue to encourage conversation.