• 4th Annual White Rose South Asia Conference: Space, Place and Temporalities

    Now in its 4th year, this annual White Rose South Asia conference has built a substantial following amongst PGR students focused on the study of the subcontinent. Interest has spread across discipline and region (beyond solely the UK) and produced demand for the continuation of an event which offers rewarding potential for forging collaborations and…

  • Valuing Sculpture: Art, Craft and Industry 1660-1851

    Sculpture holds an indeterminate position within art historical dialogues. Categorisations such as art, craft, or industry contrive barriers between sculptural production, which separate works from each other and serve to remove scholars from sculpture’s commonalities. The conference ‘Valuing Sculpture: Art, Craft and Industry 1660-1851’ aims to bring together researchers investigating sculpture across these definitions in…

  • Process, Practice, and Environmental Crisis

    The purpose of this symposium and exhibition, which is titled ‘Process, Practice, and Environmental Crisis’, is to confront societal failures in resolving the climate crisis and investigate the synthesis of artistic and political responses to crisis. It will gather creative professionals, activists, and academics working at the intersection of artistic and political practices responding to environmental crisis.

  • Flooding the field: exploring novel interdisciplinary and participatory approaches to flood research

    Flooding poses significant challenges to societies across the world, drastically affecting the lives of those who have suffered from its social, environmental and economic impacts. However, as a phenomenon, flooding does not sit easily in any one discipline; research on the impacts of flooding may gain as much insight from social, political or cultural studies…

  • Understanding Value IX

    Understanding Value 2020 will be the ninth annual instalment of the University of Sheffield’s successful postgraduate conference, dedicated to the philosophical study of issues and topics surrounding the notion of “value”.