Researcher Employability Projects


Research Employability Projects are an opportunity for students to work on a pre-designed or bespoke placement for one to three months with one of our partners, or with an employer of their choice. They are an essential  part of the Doctoral Training Programme, allowing students to expand their skillset in areas not directly related to specialist academic work. Many of our researchers find this project to be one of the most enriching and engaging experiences of their PhD. Likewise, our partners consistently report back on the exceptional work and progress they have managed to achieve with our researchers.

What are the benefits? 

For our students, this is a chance to step away from the specificity of your thesis and to gain some experience in industry. It is a way of understanding how researchers can contribute to the wider sphere of the working world and to discover the creative and innovate ways that knowledge operates in other areas of employment.

For our partners, with the skills of our students these projects are an exceptional way of propelling existing agendas as well as creating and sustaining new ones. REPs are designed with a view to building relationships beyond the placements themselves and so to contribute to the making of a continuous, fluid dialogue between academia and the public and private sectors.