Current Students (2014-2018 starters)

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For WRoCAH students who started from October 2014 to 2018, a number of additional funding schemes are available to offer financial assistance for:

  • Participation in training and development activities
  • Research support eg. primary data gathering visits or research-related consumables
  • Student-Led Events eg. Reading or research groups, seminars or conferences
  • Knowledge Exchange with target organisations or groups

Who is eligible for funding what?

Not all students are eligible for the funding schemes run by WRoCAH although all students can use the resources of WRoCAH to, for example, organise a Researcher Employability Project themselves. Differences in funding eligibility are due to restrictions placed on the way we are allowed to distribute the different types of funding. Eligible students may apply for funding during their basic funded period.

Type of studentship WRoCAH Small Awards
WRoCAH Large Awards
Researcher Employability Project
Student Led Forums
Knowledge Exchange Projects
WRoCAH AHRC Competition  Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
WRoCAH AHRC CDA (2016 starters onwards)  Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
WRoCAH AHRC CDP (2016 starters onwards) Yes1 Yes1 funded via CDP Consortium Yes funded via CDP Consortium
WRoCAH White Rose Networks  Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Wolfson Scholarships funded by individual RTSG fund funded by individual RTSG fund funded by individual RTSG fund Yes funded by individual RTSG fund

1 For October 2016 starters onwards for attendance at Conferences only

  • AHRC Collaborative Doctoral Partnership studentship holders (who started from 2016 onwards) may apply to the AHRC CDP Consortium for funding for research support, training and internships.
  • Wolfson Scholarship holders have access to individual research and training support funds through their own institutions, but are encouraged to think about how they allocate that funding along the lines of the award categories above.
  • WRoCAH Small Awards (2014-2018 starters)

    What activities can I apply for under the Small Awards scheme? You may apply for Small Awards of up to £250 for: A Research knowledge/skills/methods Training activity (a course, a workshop, etc.) Costs of attendance at conferences in the UK or overseas (as an attendee or presenter) Primary research visits that are essential to the satisfactory completion of…

  • WRoCAH Large Awards (for 2014-2018 starters)

    What activities can I apply for under the Large Awards scheme? You may apply for Large Awards of over £200 (typically over £500, up to c. £1,500+) for: A Research knowledge/skills/methods Training activity (a course, a workshop, summer school etc.) Costs of attendance at conferences in the UK or overseas (ideally where you are presenting but…

  • Researcher Employability Projects (REP) for 2014-2018 starters

    “The centrepiece of the WRoCAH training programme, Researcher Employability Projects offer a meaningful experience that is ambitious with the opportunity to explore the contexts in which employers operate, in the UK and internationally” Between month 15 and month 24 of your studentship, WRoCAH doctoral researchers will complete a 1-month Researcher Employability Project (REP) with an external…

  • Student-Led Forums (SLF)

    You may have an idea for an event you wish to run yourself. Examples of the types of student-led forums supported by WRoCAH would be: A seminar or series of seminars Reading or research-interest group Conference Residential retreat focusing on a specific research skill Outreach activities with the general public or schools (that are not directly…

  • Knowledge Exchange Projects (KEP) for 2014-2018 starters

    You may make an application for funds to start a a conversation about your research with a non-academic audience or pursue the impact potential of your work with the private or public sectors through knowledge exchange or public engagement projects.  Doctoral researchers can make applications individually or as part of an organising group. Is my idea eligible…

  • AHRC International Placements Scheme

    The International Placement Scheme (IPS) is an annual programme providing Research Fellowships to AHRC/ESRC-funded doctoral students, early career researchers and doctoral-level research assistants. WRoCAH students have been very successful in securing additional funding for research for projects through this scheme. The purpose is to provide early career researchers (ECR), doctoral level research assistants and AHRC/ESRC funded…