thoughtclusterThe Thought Academic Subject Cluster comprises the academic disciplines of Philosophy, Law, Theology, Religious and Biblical Studies, which have significant strengths and a history of collaboration across all three universities.

White Rose activities include the Aesthetics Forum, the Association for Political Philosophy, the Centre for History of Philosophy, the Philosophy Postgraduate Forum, the research network Governing Public and Private Security in Europe (2011), and the studentship networks Responding to Global Challenges of Crime and Insecurity (2010-13), Global Anxieties and Urban Governance (2011-14), Classical Heroism in War and Peace (2013-16).

In Philosophy all three departments edit major journals – e.g. British Journal of the Philosophy of Science (Leeds), Journal of Applied Philosophy (Sheffield), British Journal of the History of Philosophy (York) – and achieve high rankings on national and international league tables.

Across the consortium we offer distinctive research concentrations in Aesthetics, History of Philosophy, Philosophy of Science and Political/Legal Philosophy (covered in Law and Politics departments as well) as well as Ethics, Metaphysics & Epistemology, and Mind/Language/Logic. Law has in the past decade become a major strength in Leeds and York as well as Sheffield, reflected in the growth of those departments.

Cross-consortium areas of research expertise include the Theory, Philosophy and History of Law as well as Jurisprudence and Doctrinal research with a Global focus on issues of Security and Environment. Theology and Biblical Studies are represented by the Sheffield Institute for Biblical Studies and Theology and Religious Studies at Leeds (which edits the journal Religious Studies), with significant expertise in Philosophy of Religion in all three institutions.

There is particular research strength in Ideological Criticism, Religion and Public Life, Southeast Asian and African Religious Traditions and Religions and Diaspora. Collaborations have included British Academy International Partnership Biblical Studies in Southern Africa and the UK in Dialogue (Sheffield and Leeds, 2011) and the Northumbrian Triangle in Philosophy of Religion (Leeds and York).