English and Cultural Studies

englishThe White Rose English departments offer internationally-recognised research expertise in every area of the study of English Literature and Language, with added specialism in writing in numerous world languages from the classical to the modern period.

There is an international cadre of research students in all three departments, with research clusters working on medieval, early modern, 18th Century, Romantic, Victorian, Modern and Contemporary literature. American and post-colonial literatures are particularly strong in Leeds and York. Along with Women’s Studies in York, all three departments also offer research in the related areas of Theatre, Film, cultural studies, theory and creative writing. Leeds and Sheffield have a considerable cohort of postgraduates researching English language and linguistics. Internationally-renowned centres and institutes for Medieval Studies are located in Leeds and York. Committed expertise supports innovations in Digital Humanities research in linguistics and all literary periods.

Interdisciplinary research also thrives across the consortium, with substantial externally-funded research projects collaborating with cognate disciplines such as Modern Languages, Philosophy, Music, Art and History. Postgraduate researchers benefit from extensive library holdings in all three Universities. The location of the British Library within the triangle of Universities at Boston Spa is a unique and easily accessible resource. In each department there is a lively and supportive research culture based around vibrant seminar and conference participation and bespoke research facilities.

Students researching in English and Cultural Studies will be encouraged to collaborate with fellow postgraduates funded through other subject clusters, most notably, Creative Arts, Media, Heritage and Languages and Linguistic Science.

The strong commitment to Arts and Humanities in all three Universities enables creative impact on community, regional and national culture, with English and cultural studies playing a leading role in the artistic and intellectual life of the cities in which the departments are embedded.