Creative Arts and Media

Tcreativeartsclusterhe Creative Arts and Media Academic Subject Cluster incorporates the broad sweep of Design, Music, Drama, Dance, Architecture, Visual Arts and Culture, Film, Television, Web-based studies, Communications studies, Journalism and Publishing, as well as Library and Information studies. Each is an area of research strength in one or more of the White Rose institutions.

In Drama and Dance, Sheffield and York’s expertise in historical theatre complement those of Leeds in contemporary performance. There is a tradition of interdisciplinary co-supervision in these areas, together with significant overlaps with Media.

In Music, the White Rose boasts three strong research departments at Leeds, Sheffield and York, with world-class facilities (e.g. York’s Music Research Centre), robust partnerships to support performance and composition (e.g. Leeds and Opera North), and an existing record of consortium activity (e.g. Sheffield’s involvement in the Music Preserved archive at York). There is increasing activity across all three institutions in other areas, including Music Psychology and Computer Music.

In Visual Arts and Culture there are particular strengths at Leeds, including partnerships with organisations such as the Henry Moore Institute.  There is significant potential for collaboration across the White Rose institutions in subjects including Aesthetics, Cultural & Museum Studies, and Postcolonial Studies.

Design has a strong profile at Leeds, with synergies across all three White Rose institutions, e.g. with Health Sciences and Complex Systems Analysis at York. The Leeds’ International Textiles Archive is a major research resource.  Design at Sheffield is represented in Architecture, where Computation, Digital Design and Innovation is one of four key research clusters. The Creative Arts cluster encourages research applications that are both discipline-specific and inter/multi-disciplinary in nature.

Media In TV there has been significant growth at Leeds, in the unique Centre for World Cinemas (CWC) (within Modern Languages & Cultures) and the Institute of Communication Studies (ICS), and major investment at York (in Theatre, Film & TV).

The White Rose institutions have collaborated on the successful White Rose Studentship Mixed Cinema Network (2009-12); student numbers have also been grown through active cooperation between CWC and ICS at Leeds, and the 2010 launch of a PhD in Creative Practice at York. Media and Communication Studies are powerfully served by Sheffield’s special expertise in Digital Humanities (Information School; and Humanities Research Institute, which has significant collaborations with Leeds and York), at Leeds through ICS and English (with a special research group in New Humanities: Digital Humanities), and via the new Centre for Digital Heritage and developments in interactive media at York (Archaeology and History in collaboration with Computer Science; Theatre, Film & TV).

Journalism & Publishing is led by Sheffield with additional expertise at Leeds. Sheffield’s Information School, which became an iSchool in 2010, provides a major research environment and a significant graduate school for Library & Information Studies.