Preparing and Delivering Effective Podcasts

Preparing and Delivering Effective Podcasts


13 February 2019    
09:30 am - 17:15 pm

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This event will take place in the Sorby Suite – Novotel, Sheffield

This interactive practical one day course focuses on communication, presentation and narrative skills that are crucial for creating effective podcasts (teaching, promoting one’s research/department/university etc) regardless of the technical capabilities that vary from university to university.

Who would benefit from attending? Do you want to …

  • Understand the challenges of attracting online audiences
  • Be able to pitch a podcast correctly to the intended audience, including non-specialist ones
  • Know how to tell a good story in a podcast
  • Know how to plan, structure and present
  • Know how to interview colleagues for a podcast
  • Be able to deliver a podcast in both straight talk and interview formats

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