Languages in the Fast Lane

Languages in the Fast Lane


14 May 2019    
10:00 am - 13:00 pm

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Those of you who were at the last WRoCAH Conference may remember Natasha Parker, who had us all reading and speaking Russian in under 15 minutes!
In response to our question “What will you bring to WRoCAH?”, posed at the “putting your training plan to work” event, Natasha has offered to run a workshop to share the
techniques she has developed for accelerated language learning.

These techniques are applicable to ANY language, not just Russian(!), so if you:

– are learning a language, and would value the opportunity to develop techniques to help you learn more effectively;
– have always found languages difficult, and would be interested in finding ways to make it a bit easier;
– teach languages and would be interested in developing extra tools to help your students;
– are simply intrigued at the possibility of being able to learn something new and kick-starting your language learning…

Please COME ALONG to this exciting and creative workshop!

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