WRoCAH Small Awards (2014-2018 starters)

Current Students: For full Guidance and the application form, visit the WRoCAH Intranet

What activities can I apply for under the Small Awards scheme?

You may apply for Small Awards of up to £250 for:

  • A Research knowledge/skills/methods Training activity (a course, a workshop, etc.)
  • Costs of attendance at conferences in the UK or overseas (as an attendee or presenter)
  • Primary research visits that are essential to the satisfactory completion of your thesis
  • Other essential primary research support costs (including long-term data storage in line with your Research Data Management plan)

The same form can also be used to apply for funding for:

  • REP scoping trips in the UK – to visit a potential REP partner to discuss a possible project (limit £250)
  • REP follow up trips in the UK (limit £250)
  • Early confirmation of REP funding between registration and full application to allow you to make timely bookings for flights and accommodation if necessary (>£250 if necessary, discuss with WRoCAH office FIRST)
  • Long-term data storage costs in line with your Research Data Management Plan  (>£250 if necessary, discuss with WRoCAH office FIRST)

Awards made under this scheme represent a contribution to costs and may not cover the whole cost of any activity.

How does it work?


There are no funding rounds and you may apply as many times as you like.

You must apply AT LEAST ONE MONTH before the activity is due to commence. This is not because we need this amount of time to process applications, but to ensure that all activities for which a contribution to costs are requested are well-planned.

WRoCAH has a responsibility to ensure that its funding is distributed fairly and we will keep a track of funding awarded under this scheme and may reduce contributions if we do not feel we can maintain a standard level of opportunity across all students. If you have any doubts, then please contact the WRoCAH office before applying.

Things to consider

  • You should discuss the relevance and need of any activities with your supervisor(s) before making an application.
  • All applications under the Small Awards scheme must be strategic.
    What does this mean?  This means we will be looking for clear evidence that this activity is in line with your training and research plan, is taking place at the most timely point in your studies. We will also be looking for evidence of good planning, so make sure you show that your activity is well thought-through.
  • Applications may be referred back to you for more information before a funding decision is made.

How to apply

You will need to prepare an application outlining your plans, the context, and provide appropriate supporting evidence for costs.  For all activities we require:

  • A description (What)
  • A justification (Why)
  • Specific dates
  • Specific costs

What costs are eligible?

WRoCAH Small Awards may cover four types of cost:

  • Travel
  • Accommodation
  • Conference or Course fees
  • Other essential research support costs

We will be looking for evidence that you have made efforts to ensure the costs are reasonable. WRoCAH funding is wholly from the public purse and we share the responsibility to spend our funds responsibly. We cannot approve any speculative costs.

You should consider the Small Awards scheme as making a CONTRIBUTION to your costs. You should not apply for activities that are not essential to your research and that you would not attempt to undertake regardless of funding.  The costs you indicate in this application are the ones upon which the decision on the WRoCAH contribution will be made.

Insurance for your trip

Travel insurance should be in place for ALL WRoCAH-funded travel overseas.  This must be arranged through your home institution and it is your responsibility to ensure that you have insurance in place for your trip.

If you are adding any personal holiday onto your trip at the beginning or end then be aware that your University travel insurance WILL NOT cover you for this period and you should make your own arrangements for insurance during this time.

How do I claim?

Claims for Small Awards should be sent directly to the WRoCAH Office after you have completed the activity, with a University of York claim form (regardless of what institution you are based at). You can find this on the Useful Links page of our website.

Current Students: For full Guidance and the application form, visit the WRoCAH Intranet

Ready to apply?

Is it at least ONE MONTH before you want to undertake this activity? If not, email the WRoCAH office now.

WRoCAH Small Awards application form (WRoCAH login required)