Student-Led Forums (SLF)

Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 09.22.50You may have an idea for an event you wish to run yourself. Examples of the types of student-led forums supported by WRoCAH would be:

  • A seminar or series of seminars
  • Reading or research-interest group
  • Conference
  • Residential retreat focusing on a specific research skill
  • Outreach activities with the general public or schools (that are not directly tied into your research)

Is my event eligible for SLF funding?

The Student Led Forums fund is intended to foster cross institutional collaborations so in order to be eligible for funding your event must:

  • Have a WRoCAH cohort member as Lead Student
  • Have co-organiser(s) from at least one other White Rose University. These do not have to be WRoCAH cohort members. Applications that have an organisational representative at all three institutions are particularly welcome.
  • Be made available to WRoCAH students at all three institutions and, if space permits, to students beyond the funded WRoCAH cohort.

How do I apply?

Applications are via Google form and can be made at any time; the SLF scheme has no funding rounds and you may make multiple applications to the fund. Events that have already taken place are not eligible for funding.

Only doctoral researchers with WRoCAH studentships may lead the application.  Students outside the funded cohort may form part of the organising group but may not be the project lead.

What costs are covered?

Application for costs must relate one academic year only.  If an event or event series is likely to continue a new application must be made for subsequent years. Applications can be made at any time for a future academic year.  The fund will cover:

  • Consumables for the event
  • Doctoral researcher travel costs to/from event (priority use for funding must be given to WRoCAH cohort students but additional funding can be requested for those outside the cohort which may be disbursed on a first come first served, application or travel bursary basis, as felt necessary by the event organisers)
  • Speaker travel and accommodation costs
  • Supporting materials (handouts, programmes)

Awards are made via institutional workorders to allow expenses to be processed and catering to be booked through each institution’s usual systems.

Anything else I need to know?

Your event will need an academic sponsor. This is someone who we hope will support you in the organisation of the event – guiding you in accessing and using university systems ie. room booking, catering, travel etc. This must be someone who also has a vested and direct interest in the event but does not necessarily have to be your supervisor.

At the end of the academic year of the award (ie. by 30 Septmber), you will be required to provide:

  • A full report detailing costs
  • A narrative report on the outcome of the event or series of events

Current Students: For full Guidance and the application form, visit the WRoCAH Intranet

Considering making an SLF application?

It is strongly suggested that you and your academic sponsor read the guidelines in the current WRoCAH student handbook in detail before making an application.

Click here to apply for Student-led Forum funding