Researcher Employability Projects (REP) for 2014-2018 starters

“The centrepiece of the WRoCAH training programme, Researcher Employability Projects offer a meaningful experience that is ambitious with the opportunity to explore the contexts in which employers operate, in the UK and internationally”

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Between month 15 and month 24 of your studentship, WRoCAH doctoral researchers will complete a 1-month Researcher Employability Project (REP) with an external partner organisation.  This is a short internship during which you will complete a specific project that will have a tangible outcome such as a report or performance.

REPs are a required part of WRoCAH studentships*.

REPs are intended to be something different from your PhD and should not be directly related to your research.  You will continue to receive your stipend payments (if you usually receive them) during the project.

* WRoCAH Doctoral researchers with AHRC Collaborative Doctoral Awards (CDAs) do not complete a Researcher Employability Project.  These research degrees are completed with a partner organisation, with the researcher embedded in that organisation.

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