WRoCAH Welcome Event 2015

Humanities Research Centre, University of YorkInductionboards

14 October 2015, 2.30-6pm




14:30 Refreshments
15:00 Welcome from WRoCAH Director, Julian Richards
15:10 Being a member of WRoCAH and WRoCAH whole cohort events
15:30 Additional funding for WRoCAH students
16:00 Getting to know each other

– cohort overview

– breadth of research

– studentship types

17:30 WRoCAH – Working with Partners
Dr Michael Terwey, National Media Museum
17:45 Preparation for ‘Putting Your Training Plan to Work’ in November
18:00 Close
18:30 Drinks reception and Buffet supper in The Kitchen at Alcuin with current students