Colloquium 1: What Now? Making the Most of WRoCAH (February)

“People, systems, facilities, resources, thinking, researching and writing, ethics and compliance, CV-building, connectedness and impact”

eff-researcherThe first Annual Colloquium will bring the full cohort of WRoCAH doctoral researchers back together for a 1-day workshop under the What Now? theme.

Doctoral researchers will have the opportunity to reflect upon their first few months of their research degree, share experiences and exchange new knowledge and understanding about the skills and processes of research.

By the end of the Colloquium, participants will have:

  • Shared their early experiences of doctoral research
  • Defined the characteristics of an effective researcher in the Arts & Humanities
  • Updated their personal training plan, identifying gaps in knowledge or skills against this annual theme
  • Identified collective training suggestions that could be supported by WRoCAH Cohort Development Fund and Student-Led Forums
  • Considered opportunities for their Researcher Employability Projects in relation to employability and career aspirations

The group will have the opportunity to work together in different ways:  in subject-related groups, in institutional groups and in studentship type groups.