Colloquium 2: Who With? Working with Partners and Getting Out There (December)

“Focus on employability and professional presence in preparation for working with partner organisations”

prof-profileThe second colloquium addresses a range of topics around the theme of developing and maintaining a professional profile, including social media presence, publishing record, networking activities and employability skills.

Doctoral researchers will have the opportunity to reflect on the first year of the research degree including the Year 1 theme of What Now? and the action plans they took away from the first Colloquium.  They will also be encouraged to work together to develop project plans for Researcher Employability Projects.

By the end of the colloquium, participants will have:

  • Defined personal goals for their Researcher Employability Project and considered how they will evaluate the success of the project
  • Started to write specific aims, objectives and learning outcomes for Researcher Employability Projects
  • Considered a wide range of aspects to developing a professional profile in academic life and beyond
  • Updated their personal training plan, identifying gaps in knowledge or skills
  • Identified collective training suggestions that could be supported by the WRoCAH Cohort Development Fund including Student-Led Forums
  • Considered opportunities for Knowledge Exchange projects arising from research