Putting your Training Plan to work (November)

“Interrogating training plans and building relationships within the cohort and taking a pragmatic look at employability for doctoral researchers”

The second induction day in November is a less formal event focused on getting to know the cohort, finding shared training needs and considering future employability.

The day is facilitated by representatives of a range of teams supporting WRoCAH students, from across the White Rose network including:

  • WRoCAH Director, Manager and Administrator
  • Researcher Development
  • Existing Students
  • Careers Centres

All new doctoral researchers should have completed a training plan with their supervisors by this point and must bring this along to the induction.  This document will be used as reference throughout the day.

For institution specific paperwork for creating Personal Development Plans, please follow these links:



By the end of the day, students will have:

  • Shared their early experiences
  • Identified common training needs and methods for meeting those needs
  • Learned more about different WRoCAH funding schemes
  • Considered personal drivers and demons in the context of resilience
  • Discussed aspects of employability: career planning, PhD as a job, competition
  • Brainstormed a list of potential organisations for 1-month Researcher Employability Projects

The day is rounded off by a full cohort dinner to which facilitators and other participants are invited.