WRoCAH Welcome

“Introducing WRoCAH and its opportunities including expectations, the research student journey, opportunities and context”

All doctoral researchers will attend a 1-day induction in October with all other new WRoCAH doctoral researchers starting in that year.  This event is in addition to local induction events at each institution and will be held at one of either Leeds, Sheffield or York.

WRoCAH supervisors are also included in this event, particularly in the first year of the College as the training programme is new.

  • Allow new doctoral researchers from Leeds, Sheffield and York and with different types of studentship to meet each other
  • For doctoral researchers and supervisors to learn about the WRoCAH doctoral researcher journey and the additional training and funding opportunities available
  • To clarify student, supervisor and WRoCAH responsibilities
  • Explore the opportunities of being part of the White Rose Universities consortium and working with WRoCAH Partner organisations
  • Put WRoCAH training into context with Researcher Development training offered at Leeds, Sheffield and York.
  • Understand the additional training opportunities available to WRoCAH doctoral researchers

WRoCAH Welcome Day Outline – 15 October 2014

WRoCAH Welcome Day Outline – 14 October 2015