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  • Sharing Secrets: An Unforgettable KEP Experience in Germany, by Luke Daly-Groves

    Luke Daly-Groves relates his experience of exchanging knowledge and stories with locals at a public lecture on the hidden history of MI6 in a town in North Rhine-Westphalia:

  • 100 years of Kenyan Photographic History

    Josh Doble undertood a fascinating project with the Woodley Collection in in Kenya looking through, cataloguing and digitizing this huge collection of photographs from three generations of the Woodley family in Kenya.

  • The Poetic Footsteps of Charlotte Smith

    The Poetic Footsteps of Charlotte Smith: Val Derbyshire from the 2015 WRoCAH cohort reflects on a recent research trip to seek out new insight into the life of the poet and novelist, Charlotte Smith.