WRoCAH Committee Membership

Executive Board

The Executive Board is responsible for overall strategic management, governance and management relationships between WRoCAH and the Universities, and strategic liaison with and reporting to funders.

Board Membership

Dr Craig Walker — Director, White Rose University Consortium (Chair)

Prof. Andrew Thorpe — Executive Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Cultures, University of Leeds
Prof. Susan Fitzmaurice
— Vice President and Head of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, University of Sheffield

Prof. Richard Ogden — Director of the Humanities Research Centre, University of York (deputising for Prof. Ambrose Field)
Prof. Edward Venn — Chair of Creative Arts and Media Cluster
Dr Steve Ashby — Chair of Heritage and Material Culture Cluster
Prof. Rosanna Keefe — Chair of Thought Cluster
Liz Colquhoun — Taylor & Francis (PAB representative)
Elaine Tierney — V&A Museum (PAB representative)
Prof. Dawn Hadley — Director, WRoCAH
Jo Maltby — Manager, WRoCAH

Marielle Hehir — Leeds (Student representative, 2019 cohort)
Leonie Price — Sheffield (Student representative, 2019 cohort)
Holly Day — York (Student representative, 2018 cohort)

In attendance: Clare Meadley, WRoCAH Administrator (Minutes)

Apologies received from Ambrose Field, deputised by Richard Ogden

Studentships Committee

The Studentships Committee holds the main responsibility for selecting students in the main AHRC competition. It is formed from the chairs of the Academic Cluster Committees who serve for three years.

Committee Membership

Dawn Hadley WRoCAH Director (Chair)

Ed Venn Creative Arts and Media Cluster Chair (Leeds)
Jane Hodson English and Cultural Studies Chair (Sheffield)
Steve Ashby Heritage and Material Culture Cluster Chair (York)
Andrea Major History Cluster Chair (Leeds)
Heather Marsden Modern Languages and Linguistics Cluster Chair (York)
Rosanna Keefe Thought Cluster Chair (Sheffield)
Jo Maltby WRoCAH Manager
Clare Meadley WRoCAH Administrator

Partnership Advisory Board

This committee provides advice on the development of WRoCAH’s engagement with external partner organisations, including the Researcher Employability Project Scheme.

2020/1 Board Membership

Dawn Hadley — Director, WRoCAH (Chair)

Anna Dolan Plaskett — PhD Administration Team Leader, Arts, Aarhus University
Anne-Marie Pahuus — Head of Graduate School, Arts, Aarhus University
Helen Parrott — Senior Manager, Arts Council England
Flavia Dietrich — Research and Postgraduate Development Manager, British Library
Joanna Byrne — Research and Academic Partnerships Manager, Historic England
Nick Bax — Creative Director, Human Studio
Ann Gurnell — Marketing Director, Ideas Group
John Donegan — Partnerships Coordinator, Leeds Museums and Galleries
Katharine Carter — Company Archivist, Marks and Spencer Archive
David Morris — Sector Development Manager (North East, Yorkshire, and Historic Houses), National Archives
Oliver Betts — Head of Research, National Railway Museum
Jonathan Brewer — General Manager, National Trust
Dominic Gray  — Projects Director, Opera North
Charles Cecil — Managing Director, Revolution Software
Liz Colquhoun — Global Head of Portfolio, Heritage and Information Science, Routledge, Taylor & Francis
Mark Bennet — Research Manager, Royal Armouries
Nichola Casse — Project Manager, Cultural Institute, University of Leeds
Elaine Tierney — Online Editor, Research Department, Victoria and Albert Museum
Andy Woods — Senior Curator, York Museums Trust
Stuart Green — CEO, ZOO Digital

Training and Engagement Group

The Training and Engagement Group is responsible for for co-ordination of generic and subject-specific training at University level and its intersection with WRoCAH training, monitoring of use of WRoCAH funds to support training across and outside Universities, detailed planning and evaluation of Researcher Employability and Knowledge Exchange Projects.

Group Membership

Dawn Hadley WRoCAH (Chair)

Anna Dolan Plaskett Aarhus
Nichola Casse
Jenny Rivas Perez Leeds
Mic Spencer Leeds
Sarah Bell Sheffield
Louise Johnson Sheffield
Dominika Butler York
Jon Finch York
Craig Robertson York
Jo Maltby WRoCAH
Clare Meadley WRoCAH

Elizabeth French Leeds (Student representative, 2020 cohort)
Rob Fellman Sheffield (Student representative, 2019 cohort)
Hannah Gibbs York (Student representative, 2020 cohort)

Operations Team

The Operations Team is responsible for detailed workstreams for operational and reporting processes; co-ordination of recording and reporting student progress; events planning.

Team Membership

Claire Cartledge — Postgraduate Scholarships Assistant, University of Leeds
Ed Clarke — Assistant Accountant, Faculty of the Arts and Humanities, University of Leeds
Sally Collyer — Finance Assistant, Faculty of the Arts and Humanities, University of Leeds
Jess Lewis — Doctoral College Officer, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Leeds
Caroline Neave — Postgraduate Scholarships Manager, University of Leeds
Ruth Wilson — Senior Project Manager, Student Lifecycle Project, University of Leeds
Keely Armitage — Graduate School Manager, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Sheffield
Sarah Boyer — Graduate School Manager, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, University of Sheffield
Caroline Fisher — Finance Business Partner, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, University of Sheffield
Katie Marsh — Assistant Finance Business Partner, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, University of Sheffield
Helen Papaioannou — Arts and Humanities Research Degree Support Officer, University of Sheffield
Kirsty Tolmay — Student Experience Officer, School of Health and Related Research, University of Sheffield
Gem Kirk — Student Services Manager, University of York
Jo Maltby — Manager, WRoCAH
Clare Meadley — Administrator, WRoCAH

Subject Cluster Committes

Creative Arts and Media | English and Cultural Studies | Heritage and Material Culture
History | Modern Languages and Linguistics | Thought

WRoCAH Peer Review College

The Peer Review College provides critical, objective expert review of the Unit evaluation of AHRC Competition Studentship applications. Members support various events organised by and through WRoCAH.

College Membership