WRoCAH has a small management team and a wider group of academics and administrators supporting its ongoing strategy and operations.

For general enquiries – Tel: +44 1904 328132  |

  • Professor Dawn Hadley – Director

    WRoCAH strategy and vision. Chair of Studentships Committee, Training and Engagement Group, Partnership Advisory Board. Email:

  • Jo Maltby – Manager

    WRoCAH operation, financial management and training programme. Chair of Operations Team, facilitator for WRoCAH events. Contact for general WRoCAH administrative, financial or training programme enquiries. Tel: +44 1904 32 8131

  • Clare Meadley – Administrator

    WRoCAH administrator, secretary to WRoCAH committees. Contact for general WRoCAH administrative or financial enquiries. Tel: +44 1904 32 8132

  • Academic Subject Cluster Chairs

    WRoCAH has 7 Academic Subject Clusters each led by a senior academic from one of the three White Rose universities who sits on the WRoCAH Studentships Committee. The Academic Subject Clusters co-ordinate cross-consortium collaborative research activities such as subject-specific and interdisciplinary research forums.

  • Administrative Contacts

    Representatives from each of the White Rose universities sit on the WRoCAH Operations Team. The relevant postgraduate administrators from each institution are the first point of contact for financial queries regarding stipends, fees and additional funding awards.

  • WRoCAH Committee Membership

    A full list of WRoCAH Committee membership for the 2017/8 academic year.

  • Student Representatives

    WRoCAH recruits members of the WRoCAH Cohorts to act as representatives on the numerous WRoCAH committees. Benefits to you… a chance to influence and feedback on the student experience that WRoCAH provides in terms of training and external partnership activities, the awarding of studentships and the overall steering of the consortium, and you have someone who can feed…