The Cluster comprises the academic disciplines of Philosophy, Politics, Law, Theology, Religious and Biblical Studies.

Chair: Rosanna Keefe, Department of Philosophy, University of Sheffield

Member University Research interests
Jessica Isserow Leeds metaethics, normative ethics, and moral psychology
Scott Shalkowski Leeds modality; philosophy of religion; philosophical logic; scientific/religious rationality; modal epistemology
David Churchill Leeds Historical criminology; criminal justice history; policing and crime control; security technologies and the security industry; cities and urban history; Victorian Leeds
Dominic Gregory Sheffield Philosophical and logical issues concerning necessity and possibility
Peter Verovsek Sheffield Critical social theorist interested in the interconnection between democracy, capitalism and the nation-state
Richard Kirkham Sheffield Ombudsman, constitutional theory;

administrative justice

Alfred Moore York Political theory, with particular interests in deliberative democracy, social epistemology, politics of expertise and technology and democracy
Louise Richardson York Perception and the senses: seeing empty space, smell, taste, touch, bodily awareness, cross-modal perception and Molyneux’s question
Christian Pillar York Ethics (theoretical and applied), in reasons and rationality, and in epistemology