The Cluster comprises the academic disciplines of Philosophy, Politics, Law, Theology, Religious and Biblical Studies.

Chair: Darren Bradley, School of Philosophy, Religion and History of Science, University of Leeds

Member University Research interests
Greg Raddick Leeds Darwinism; Genetics and Eugenics; Sciences of Mind, Language and Behaviour; History of Science
Ellen Clarke Leeds Philosophy of Science; Feminist philosophy; evolutionary theory; cultural evolution theory
Jen Hendry Leeds Social and legal theory; socio-legal studies; comparative legal studies; indigenous justice; legal pluralism; and civil & criminal procedure; specifically procedural hybrids
T. Ryan Byerly Sheffield Philosophy of Religion, Epistemology, and Virtue Theory
Edward Hall Sheffield Political ethics, liberal political thought, and realist political theory
Richard Craven Sheffield Administrative Law; Regulation; Public Procurement Regulation; Empirical Legal Studies; Law and Economics
Alfred Moore York Political theory, with particular interests in deliberative democracy, social epistemology, politics of expertise and technology and democracy
Louise Richardson York Perception and the senses: seeing empty space, smell, taste, touch, bodily awareness, cross-modal perception and Molyneux’s question
Christian Piller York Ethics (theoretical and applied), in reasons and rationality, and in epistemology