Modern Languages and Linguistics

This cluster encompasses a range of topics in theoretical and empirical linguistics including discourse analysis, language and gender, language and power, and international linguistics, applied linguistics and language acquisition, as well as literary linguistics, visual cultures, gender and identity, intellectual history and politics, migration, culture and community, literary studies and cultural history.

Chair: Heather Marsden, Department of Languages and Linguistic Science, University of York

Member University Research interests
Margaret Atack Leeds French film and fiction of the Vichy years; postwar war/occupation narratives; French women’s writing; roman/film noir; French culture of the 1950/60s; 20th century French thought and culture
Duncan Wheeler Leeds Golden Age drama and prose fiction; Hispanic and European cinema(s); translation; popular music; contemporary Spanish culture and politics; twentieth-century Spanish theatre; gender and sexuality
Thea Pitman Leeds Latin/x American digital cultures; Latin/x American literature, film, art, and popular culture; Indigenous cultures and cultural production in Abya Yala; decolonial approaches; Spanish; Portuguese
Caroline Bland Sheffield Late 19th- and early 20th-century German literature and culture
Nicole Baumgarten Sheffield Applied linguistics; linguistic construction and negotiation of concepts and social categories in communication across languages and cultures
Tom McAuley Sheffield Japanese studies; Japanese classical and medieval poetry; Japanese botanical gardens and literary tourism
Paul Foulkes York Language variation and change; phonetics, phonology, sociophonetics; first language acquisition; forensic phonetics
Nino Grillo York Locality restrictions on syntactic dependencies (in particular movement and attachment); the interaction of event structure and passivisation, argument/adjunct asymmetries and perceptual reports
Giuseppe Longobardi York Theoretical and comparative syntax, focusing on the study of the grammar/meaning interface