This cluster represents the full scope of historical study across the span of historical periods but is not confined to history departments alone. The history of science can be found in philosophy at Leeds, for instance, and there are distinguished historical schools in classics, film studies, modern languages and international politics.

Chair: Andrea Major, School of History, University of Leeds

Member University Research interests
Stephen Alford Leeds Late Tudor and Elizabethan politics
Elizabeth Leake Leeds Relationship between decolonization and the Cold War.
Emilia Jamroziak Leeds Medieval religious history 12-15th century; monasticism, frontiers and borders in medieval Europe, East-Central Europe, historiography
Phil Withington Sheffield Citizenship, popular politics, intoxicants, urban culture and urbanization, historical linguistics, renaissance humanism, social and cultural history
Danica Summerlin Sheffield Europe in the central middle ages, ecclesiastical, or canon, law
Adrian Bingham Sheffield Political, social and cultural history of twentieth-century Britain
Lucy Sackville York Religious and intellectual history of the central Middle Ages, principally that of Italy and southern France.
Catriona Kennedy York Modern British and Irish history with particular interests in the cultural history of war, politics, gender and national identity
Gerard McCann York Intersections of decolonization, global Cold War, African cultural production, Afro-Asian networks, African statehood, (de)globalization and ideas about ‘development’ since the 1950s