Heritage and Material Culture

This Cluster embraces the disciplines of Art History, Archaeology, Architecture, Classics, and Cultural & Museum Studies, as well as aspects of Human Geography and Art History.

Chair: Steve Ashby, Department of Archaeology, University of York

Member University Research interests
Jade French Leeds Curatorial practice and theory; inclusive art, access and disability; participatory and socially engaged practices; co-produced and practice-led research methods
Gill Park Leeds Feminist interventions in art and exhibition histories; British photography since the 1980s; contemporary art and curation; histories of experimental film/video
Samuel Gartland Leeds Ancient Greek history; Classical Archaeology; Ancient Boiotia and Thebes; The Peloponnesian War
Kevin Kuykendall Sheffield Plio-Pleistocene hominin evolution in Africa; Evolution of early hominin life history; Middle Palaeolithic archaeology and Neanderthal occupation of Britain
Richard Phillips Sheffield Muslim geographies and postcolonial cities; sexuality, space and power; creative writing and innovative fieldwork 
Mark Pendleton Sheffield History of twentieth-century Japan; political and cultural memory in Japan; gender and sexuality; critical and cultural studies
Aimée Little York Hunter-gatherer material culture and funerary archaeology, ideology and belief systems; experimental archaeology and material culture studies
James Boaden York Experimental film and video; twentieth-century art; American art; art and sexuality; photography
Katherine Selby York Reconstruction of past sea level changes; environmental reconstruction of coastal areas and how these may have influenced cultural development; Palaeoenvironmental reconstruction using pollen and diatom analyses.