Heritage and Material Culture

This Cluster embraces the disciplines of Art History, Archaeology, Architecture, Classics, and Cultural & Museum Studies, as well as aspects of Human Geography and Art History.

Chair: Steve Ashby, Department of Archaeology, University of York

Member University Research interests
Penelope Goodman Leeds Roman settlements and communities; Emperor Augustus
Abigail Harrison Moore Leeds Nineteenth-century art and design; the Arts and   Crafts Movement; the Art Market; decorative art history; creative education and young people; museums, heritage and galleries
Catherine Karkov Leeds Early medieval art and culture; sculpture; materialities, environmental studies, and decolonisation; gender and the body in late antique and early medieval culture; history and theory of the book; theories of text and image
Gianna Ayala Sheffield Geoarchaeology (landscape and on-site investigations); Italian and Mediterranean prehistory; landscape archaeology and field survey techniques; contemporary archaeology
Umberto Albarella Sheffield Animal domestication and husbandry intensification; ethnoarchaeology; ritual use of animals; husbandry evidence of Romanization; animals and medieval life; archaeology and politics
Eric Olund Sheffield The cultural and legal production and regulation of race, gender and sexuality; the sensory culture and geography of governmentality; urban life in the Progressive-era United States; critical theory — especially Benjamin, Bergson, Butler, Connolly, Deleuze, Dewey, Foucault, James
Penny Bickle York Neolithic people, routines, architecture, landscape; intersection of theoretical approaches to the past and scientific methodologies in material culture, social relationships and animal and human bodies 
Jeanne Nuechterlein York Nature and functions of sacred and secular art; impact of the Reformation on the visual arts; comparison between different artistic media e.g. painting, sculpture, prints, illuminated manuscripts, embroidery, and tapestry; conceptualization of period divisions; the impact of patronage; word/image/rhetoric relationships; interactions between art and science; and the methodologies applied to northern Renaissance art
Katherine Selby York Reconstruction of past sea level changes; environmental reconstruction of coastal areas and how these may have influenced cultural development; Palaeoenvironmental reconstruction using pollen and diatom analyses.