English and Cultural Studies

This research cluster represents the full area of the study of English Literature and Language, from medieval, early modern, 18th Century, Romantic and Victorian to Modern and Contemporary literature encompassing research in the related areas of Theatre, Film, cultural studies, theory and creative writing.

Chair: Jane Hodson, School of English, University of Sheffield

Member University Research Interests
Jim Mussell Leeds Nineteenth-century literature; history of the book; newspapers; periodicals; digital humanities; science and literature
Clare Barker Leeds Postcolonial literature; indigenous literature; disability studies; medical humanities
Martin Butler Leeds Politics of the English stage; the court masque; Ben Jonson; cinematic adaptation of Renaissance texts
Katherine Ebury Sheffield Modernism, literature and science, law and literature, and Irish Studies
Bob McKay Sheffield Representation of animals and the ethics of animal–human relations in literature, film and culture since 1945
Emma Rhatigan Sheffield Sixteenth- and seventeenth-century literature, in particular, the genre of the early modern sermon
Sophie Coulombeau York Relationship between naming and identity in late eighteenth-century literature and culture
John Bowen York Nineteenth- and twentieth-century fiction, in particular the works of Charles Dickens and other major Victorian novelists
Bryan Radley York Irish Studies; comedy; modern and contemporary fiction