Creative Arts and Media

The Cluster incorporates the broad sweep of Design, Music, Drama, Dance, Architecture, Visual Arts and Culture. It also includes the full range of media formats: film, television, web-based studies, communications studies, journalism and publishing, as well as library and information studies.

Chair: Edward Venn, School of Music, University of Leeds

Member University Research interests
George Rodosthenous  Leeds Performance and the body; improvisation; composition for performance
Sophie Bishop Leeds Creative work and the influence of social media; labour, representation and discrimination
Yuan Zeng Leeds International journalism; journalism and social change; comparative media studies; journalistic field; media sociology; political communication; media and society in Greater China
Martin Iddon Leeds Composition; musicology; new music after 1945
Dorothy Ker Sheffield Composition, digital media in live performance, interdisciplinary collaborations
Eva Haifa Giraud Sheffield Alternative and activist media; food politics; ‘Lifestyle’ ethics; animal, anti-racist, and environmental activism); science and technology studies
Frances Babbage Sheffield Theatre and adaptation; text and performance; experience of performance
Emma Cheatle Sheffield Architecture and urban space; feminism and architecture; medical architectural spaces
Jonathan Eato York Composition; Jazz; interdisciplinary performance practice; South African popular music; improvisation; music and postcoloniality
Rachel Cowgill York Cultural-historical musicology; Mozart reception; opera studies; musical internationalism, diplomacy and commemoration; music, gender and identity, digital musicology, archives and performance histories
Janine Bradbury York Contemporary African-American women’s writing; American popular culture; Caribbean women’s writing; literature of the Black Atlantic
Ollie Jones York Early modern touring theatre; theatre architecture and performance