White Rose Postgraduate Philosophy Forum

The White Rose Postgraduate Philosophy Forum aims to bring together postgraduate students and researchers in philosophy and related disciplines from across four White Rose universities – York, Leeds, Sheffield and Hull – for three conferences a year, at each of which one representative from each institution presents a paper on their current research. The aim of the forum is thus to expose and highlight the full variety and range of work taking place across the four universities, and to give researchers the chance to receive feedback and from their peers, as well as for attendees to consider new ideas that might relate to, or impact, their own work.

The first and foremost impact the forum wishes to have is on those who attend each event and those who give papers: the hope is that exposure to such a wide range of ideas and methods of working and doing philosophy will help attendees to feel both that they are part of a wider academic community, and to encounter ideas and work that may help them move forward with their own research and develop their ideas. For those who give papers, it is a great opportunity to receive feedback on their ideas that may help them revise their theses or prepare papers for publication.

We also hope that the forum will help to foster closer working relationships between researchers across the four institutions, promote collaborative work, and ultimately lead to the setting up of further projects and reading groups that will continue to benefit research in philosophy and related disciplines, as well as the wider academic community.


£ 2113

Lead Student

Jared Stoughton (York)

Other student organisers

Elisabeth Thorson, University of York Fabio Ceravolo, University of Leeds Neil Williams, University of Sheffield Andrew Walters, University of Hull